Our beloved Event Coordinator, Rachelle (or Guppy as we call her), is passionate about more than taking kids fishing. As a service dog handler she is dedicated to ensuring both businesses and the general public are well aware of service dog laws and etiquette. By hosting private meetings and public speaking events, Guppy is able to shed some insight on the challenges faced by a service dog handler as well as educate various entities on their rights when it comes to allowing public access. During these speaking engagements, whether it be generalized public curiosity or a staff meeting wanting to make the right choices, Guppy offers an interactive review of the Americans with Disabilities Act complete with a Q&A and often demonstrations from her own task trained service dog, “Gator Bait.” During these sessions we review the differences between different types of assistance animals (Service Animals, Emotional Support Animals, Therapy Animals), which breeds (and species!) these animals can be, what type of assistance each type of animal can be trained (or not) to provide, in what scenarios businesses CAN deny access, why distractions can have detrimental consequences, and more! To book Guppy for a meeting with your business or school, please reach out to us via email at txtca@yahoo.com or call (936) 232-4683.

Service Dogs