What it means to be TXTCA.

My time on the water has taught me many things, from grand life lessons to simple matters of humility. One of which is the need for protection of our sport and the game fish we love and chase. Endless hours of trails on the water and behind a reel, weathering the hot placid waters of summer and core chilling blunt of winter all for a chance to see and hold a grand beast worthy of a fight. Catfish is more than a hobby, it’s a blood trait, a heritage.

Mission – The Texas Trophy Catfish Association was established to improve regulations and protect Trophy Catfish in Texas waters through spreading awareness, educating the fishing community, and encouraging action within the industry and the practice of catch and release.


Through practicing of CPR, fishermen are able to protect and preserve trophy catfish for generations to come.

Trophy Catfish in Texas are Declining. The declining numbers will have a significant impact on the the re-production. In order to protect and preserve Trophy Catfish in Texas;

·      We must practice CPR now.

·      We must educate others about how to help.

·      We must spread awareness of this issue before it is too late.

In addition to practicing CPR, we must educate others of the problems we are facing with the decline and encourage action to work towards better regulations to protect Trophy Catfish in the state.

Fish Tagging

CPR of larger game fish has known benefits to catfish communities but how can you make the act more engaging to anglers and also bare more fruit for the conservation effort as a whole. Tagging. Fish tagging and data recording is a key piece that TXTCA is bringing to the table. Fish tagging and TXTCA’s platform allows members across the state to record the information and data on the fish they caught tagged and released. http://txtca.org/submit-tag/

Future tagging platform upgrades will allow tag searching so members can quickly check the tags on fish they have caught to see the fish’s history, or how much it has grown. This collected data of Catfish caught across the state will allow for a more informed decision on the need for future conservation requirements.

Want to help out? Become a member. http://txtca.org/product/gold-level-membership/

As a TXTCA Member you pledge to promote CPR (Catch Photo and Release) of all catfish 10 lbs and above, and to educate others of the benefits of CPR in a professional manner that encourages others to become active in our efforts.

As a TXTCA Gold Member you will have access to our tagging kits and merchandise and receive 15% off on all purchases.

You will receive a TXTCA T-Shirt,TXTCA Decal and our CPR decal and you will also receive our monthly newsletter.

It should be noted that while TXTCA is still working on finalizing its 501(c) organization filing, we are still working as a Non-Profit and putting every dollar spent on memberships and gear back into the effort. New member fee’s go to lowering the cost of fish tags, and upgrades to the tagging platform to allow for more data collection and increased usability.

Through spreading awareness, educating others, and practicing CPR, we can make a difference to have a positive impact for the future.

For more information contact me directly or visit us online at www.txtca.org  Email Admin@TXTCA.org

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